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Characters for roleplay

☂ Cuz I'm a hunter like a spider君を逃がしはしないな

Musebox _


wow i just finally got into this account after attempting for a couple of months geez

shouldve just changed the password

my dreamwidth journal is "memori_iluzio"
aim: houndinghero
tumblr: memorimode
plurk: memori_iluzio
Math teacher finally fixed the grade! Now I can go up to the school and figure out what I should be doing to get classes again. Check bus schedules along with it and still work towards getting a job, but yes, this is very good news.

edit; In other news, all the stuff I did for my college's Early Childhood Program is now available for the public to see now that the site has been updated to a new look everywhere. For some reason, this is VERY cool to me to see! Probably because I'm the one who did it and fail at coding usually

Early Childhood site
I really should update about important things but instead I feel like letting out my thoughts on the most recent episode of Tiger and Bunny.

MAJOR Spoilers for the episode insideCollapse )

For all my not being able to explain why the show is catchy, when I do sit down and watch it, I like it a lot. But when it's not actually on my screen, I can't help but wonder why I'm watching it.

My true feelings are just spinning on air

I blame a certain not!food for this. B|
idk y i commented in the first place

i've always wanted to tell you...
my thread



Good morning all who glances this.

I just got that eyelash from 11:30AM Wednesday out of my eye. Oo
Know how I know this? My eye stopped hurting when I glanced an eyelash in it when at the mirror just a few minutes ago. I thought it was a new eyelash so I was fervently trying to get it out so my eye wouldn't hurt even more. Carefully I maneuvered it out of its confines of the bottom of my eyelid.

...Then my eye stop hurting completely. Oo
I had thought that I had scratched my eye and that's why it still hurt... ...but in truth, that eyelash was still there.


Think I'm gonna buy cosplay today. Tomorrow I go see Iron Man with my dad and brother for a birthday get-together thing. I have no clue if its for... all three of us or just my dad and I seeing our birthdays were in April and my brother's isn't probably until Memorial Day. Unless, it didn't fall on that this year. xD

Getting ready for work now, and still need to finish my review for my exam for Monday night. My eye feels so relieved that I'm just a bit confused at the moment ahahaha.
...I should probably eat breakfast too.

Livejournal's April's Fools got nothing on Googles. Google pwns with its crazy crap. And they messed with my Gmail too! xD 
Happy April Fools everyone.


OTAKON.... And cosplay.

So... my cosplay is going well, I guess. xD

And~ its not done. xD

I need to work on the boots....

I also need to stop looking up KPop on all my free time. D=

Rambles... tired... When I am coherent I will actually have a sensible entry.


___________, you are the nauseous feeling that curdles in the acidulous liquids of my churning, pertrubed stomach, unleashing unheard of aches and pangs that cause me to abhor you as much as I loathe the very spoilt, sour tast of coconut, of which I detest so much, as I would rather choke to death on the vile taste of coconut than to see you or even know of your existence.


Thou paunchy, dizzy-eyed, scurvy-valiant, canker-blossom.
Thou fawning, elf-skinned, hasty-witted, fustilarian.
Thou villanious, weather-bitten, clapper-clawed, puttock.
Thou gorbellied, flap-mouthed, malmsey-nosed, mutely-minded, knotty-pated, popinjay.
Thou tottering, unmuzzled, dismal-dreaming, rough-hewn, muddy-mettled, skainsmate.
Thou dissembling. common-kissing, spur-galled, swag-bellied, bunch-back'd, Basket-Cockle.

These are the type of things we learn in Intro to Theatre. Look at those Shakespearan insults. xD
I am the Insult Queen too, unfontunately.
I won a lollipop and the oppurtunity to eat it in the Theatre though I did not do so. *is shot*

Halloween Part I

I went to school dressed as Axel for Halloween. It was awesome. I got bombarded out in the courtyard because people knew who/what I was, but what made me the most happy was the girl in my first block named Sara. I didn't know she liked Kingdom Hearts. xD

What also made me happy was getting bombarded in the courtyard. And the highfives. And the Matrix comments. And the Trigun comments. Who looks like Axel in Trigun? Oo